Top 10 Reasons to Love Glen Cannon


  1. The views are breath-taking.


  1. Nature is prized; homes are surrounded by our own natural forest, streams and waterfalls.


  1. Lot sizes are large; homes are not on top of each other.


  1. The Glen Cannon Property Owners Association works cooperatively with members and has the unique distinction among POAs and HOAs of never having been sued.


  1. There is diversity in architectural styles; we don’t tell you what color your front door has to be! Our covenants protect rather than unduly restrict.


  1. GCPOA dues, required of all property owning members, are extremely low; you get a lot but you’re not paying for amenities you don’t use.


  1. GCPOA officers and members work together: 1) to maintain and develop POA-owned trails and greenways; 2) to protect the quality of life and property values; and 3) to provide opportunities to communicate and socialize.


  1. We are not a gated-community; we are a welcoming bunch who value the real over pretense.


  1. We are adjacent to Brevard, arguably the best small town in America, offering among the best public schools in the state, a private, highly ranked four-year college, a community college, a vibrant arts community, diverse shopping, fabulous restaurants and breweries, a truly professional Brevard Philharmonic and the renown Brevard Music Center, all surrounded by Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest, Gorges State Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We’ve got both culture and natural beauty.


  1. We are also close to Asheville with everything that a larger city can provide.


As the colloquial saying goes, “It don’t get no better than this!”