Disclosure Statement Information for Real Estate Brokers


The Glen Cannon Property Owners Association (GCPOA) was formed in 1989 as a non-profit North Carolina corporation. Its method of operation is detailed in the By-laws, adopted and occasionally amended by a vote of its members. The By-laws were last amended in 2010.

The GCPOA and the former Glen Cannon Country Club were always separate and distinct corporations, with independent management and Boards of Directors. Neither the Association nor property owners as a whole were in a support or funding role for the country club. The country club was supported alone by membership dues (some of which came from individual property owner members) until it filed for bankruptcy and was purchased. The GCPOA maintains a cordial relationship with the new owner of the former Glen Cannon Country Club property and looks forward to working with the owner to pursue mutually advantageous development of the property. In the meantime, the GCPOA plans to develop association-owned trails and greenways to enhance property values and add to Glen Cannon residents’ quality of life.

Board meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month at 2:30 p.m. at a location decided upon by the president of the Board but location, date and time of the meetings may occasionally vary. For 2015 and 2016, meetings were held at the Community Room of United Community Bank in Straus Park. Interested property owners are welcome to attend. Please contact the Board president before the meeting to make comments or have a matter brought before the Board.


The mailing address of the GCPOA is:

Glen Cannon Property Owners Association (GCPOA)

P.O. Box 1152

Pisgah Forest, NC 28768


Property Owners Associations: Covenants and Dues (Disclosure Statement Q.32)


All Glen Cannon property owners are automatically members of the GCPOA by virtue of their ownership of Glen Cannon property.

Current GCPOA dues of $60/year are required and must be paid in order for property owning members to vote at the Annual Meeting for Board members, for the proposed budget for the coming year and on other matters. Dues support the mission of the GCPOA.


The POA conducts business on a calendar year basis:


  • POA dues and Private Road assessments are collected on a calendar year basis with notices going out in January of each year.
  • The fiscal year and budget run on a calendar year basis, January through December. The POA budget for the coming calendar year is always presented for approval at the annual meeting, usually held at the end of September.


Protective Covenants legally convey with Glen Cannon property deeds. In December, 2013 a majority of property owners accepted the new 2013 Unified Protective Covenants and these were registered with the Transylvania County Register of Deeds. They govern all property in the Glen Cannon sub-division.


Condo Associations:


Four separate condominium associations also govern the Glen Cannon Condominiums off of Glen Cannon Drive. Each Condo Association has its own Covenants and Association dues.

There is a 4-unit condo on Dundee Lane which has its own association as well. Condo owners are members both of their respective condo associations and the GCPOA and subject to each association’s regulations, covenants and dues.


Fees for Conveyance/Transfer of Property to New Owners (Disclosure Statement Q.33)

There is no GCPOA fee for the conveyance or transfer of property to new owners.


Glen Cannon Roads (Disclosure Statement Qs.30-31)

 There are three classes of roads in Glen Cannon:


  • State-Maintained Roads: Glen Cannon Dr. from entrance to #1813, Douglas, Cameron,

Gordon, Southerland (#33 – #140), and Campbell. If there are problems on these roads, the NC DOT is responsible. The GCPOA Board liaison to NC DOT should be notified to contact them.


  • Private GCPOA-Maintained Roads: Aberdeen, Bruce, Argyll, Glengarry Heights,

Kildrummy, Skye, Paisley Circle, Paisley Lane, and Glen Spey. If there are problems on these roads, the Private Roads Committee should be called.

The Private Roads Committee (PRC), under authorization by the GCPOA, manages and maintains the upper Glen Cannon roads specified above through mandatory assessments of property owners whose lots front on or are only accessible by these roads. The current mandatory annual Private Roads Assessment is $500 per residence and $250 per undeveloped lot. In emergencies, the Private Roads Committee, with Board approval, can also impose a Special Assessment to provide needed maintenance and repairs. Owners whose properties are not on these roads do not contribute to the maintenance of these roads in any way. GCPOA dues are never used for the management of PRC-maintained private roads.

  • Other Private Roads: Southerland (#162 – #249), Glen Cannon Drive (#1883 – #2073),

Glen Cannon Point, and Dundee. Dunharrow Trail and Rivendell Trace are also private roads inside the Glen Cannon boundary but not accessed through Glen Cannon. If there are problems on these roads, the home owners themselves must take care of them.

The GCPOA DOES NOT manage the “other private” roads.  Maintenance of these roads is the responsibility of the individual property owners on these roads. Neither the PRC nor the NC DOT has any responsibility for maintenance of these roads.


GCPOA Management, Services and Amenities (Disclosure Statement Q.37)


There are no management fees paid by the GCPOA. The GCPOA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by Association members at the annual meeting.


  • There are a total of nine Directors on the Board and each year three Directors finish their terms and three new or re-elected Directors start their three year terms, running from January 1st through December 31st. To ensure a smooth transition, new directors elected at the annual meeting are asked to attend Board meetings in the fall prior to officially taking office in January.


GCPOA is the legal owner of most Greenways and maintains lovely walking trails along Camp Creek, stretching from Glen Cannon Dr. to Campbell Rd. (near the intersection with “first” Aberdeen). Volunteers meet twice a year in the spring and fall for cleanup and maintenance of this area. In 2016, the GCPOA Board voted to start enhancement of the Camp Creek area by sprucing up the lower trails and clearing areas for new picnic tables and benches. Parking is available and maintained adjacent to Camp Creek Pond. The Association also maintains the landscaping around the Glen Cannon entrance sign.

The Association developed and manages their website and publishes a quarterly newsletter and a Directory of Residential Owners on a bi-annual basis. The Community Relations and Social Committee welcomes new residents and organizes social events for Glen Cannon property owners several times a year.

The GCPOA organized a Neighborhood Watch Program with the assistance of the sheriff and other emergency services. Glen Cannon is divided into 22 Watch Teams of nearby neighbors, each with a Captain. The program includes an emergency notification phone tree and email system in case of a serious emergency affecting the neighborhood, such as flooding, fire or storm damage.

Fire Districts, Ratings and Water Points

Glen Cannon’s Fire District is Sylvan Valley #2, a rural fire district overseen by the County Commissioners. The county contracts service for us from the City of Brevard, so we are served by the Brevard Fire Dept. Our county taxes include a specific county tax for fire protection, lower than in many NC counties.

The Office of the State Fire Marshall last inspected the Sylvan Valley #2 fire district in April 2010. The portion of the district within five road miles of the fire station received a (5) rating; the portion between five and six miles received a (9E) rating. Glen Cannon is almost equally divided between the two ratings. Properties within the 5-mile or 6-mile fire district boundaries are identified on the individual section maps.

The POA owns two of the three dry-hydrant water points strategically located so that no residence is more than 1.5 miles from a water source. The third is located on a home owner’s property. The POA maintains all three water-points. The Brevard Fire Department routinely tests our water points. The POA also owns and maintains an Emergency Services Access Gate at 800 Skye Drive. Emergency vehicles responding to the upper sections of Glen Cannon can open this gate. Using this alternate route into Glen Cannon can improve response times and puts most of upper Glen Cannon within the 5-mile fire district rating.

The three Water Points and the Emergency Gate were funded solely by contributions from property owners, plus some materials provided by the Fire Department. Two-thirds of the Glen Cannon property owners

contributed the total cost of $72,000 and everyone in the community has benefitted.

The GCPOA does not pay for or manage the other services itemized in Q.37 of the Disclosure Statement: exterior building maintenance of any property to be conveyed, exterior yard/landscaping of lot/property to be conveyed, recreational amenity maintenance not already mentioned, pest treatment/extermination, street lights, water, sewer, storm water management/drainage/ponds (other than at the water-points), internet service, cable, parking maintenance (other than at Camp Creek), private road maintenance other than what is already specified, gate and/or security (other than the emergency gate on Skye Drive).